Scared to read the Bible?  Feel overwhelmed?  Well, join the club! Right now, Nativity is reading he Bible cover to cover as a church family.  Even if you didn’t start at the beginning with us, you can still jump in and join us! Read on for ways we’ll support you as you move through scripture.

The Idea


In 2011, an Episcopal priest in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania invited his church to join him in a New Year's resolution.  They were going to read the Bible together.  To his surprise, 180 of his church members and 90 of their friends took up the challenge.  Soon, the challenge began to transform that congregation.  Convinced they were onto something, they began inviting other churches to be transformed as they had been.

The idea is simple.  Six days a week, you read a few chapters from the Old Testament, one psalm, and one chapter from the New Testament.  On Sunday you come to church and hear scripture in worship.  Each participant receives The Bible Challenge companion guide, which tells you what to read, explains a bit about what you read, and offers reflection questions and a prayer.

Sunday Morning Pep Talks

During the school year, Adult Forum meets at 9:30am in the Parish Hall.  While Nativity moves through The Bible Challenge, we'll use this time to help figure out what it is we've been reading each week.  This is a place to come with your questions, your insights, and your struggles.  It's also a place for Peter and others to give a preview of coming attractions.  Want a road map before entering the book of Deuteronomy?  This is the place to come and get it!

Trivia Night

Winners of the January 2019 Trivia Night!

Winners of the January 2019 Trivia Night!

The last Wednesday of each month, we'll gather for a potluck supper at 5:30pm.  From 6 to 7pm, fierce competition will break out as teams go head-to-head in three to four rounds of trivia on the last month's reading.  The winning team each month takes home gift cards to local Greenwood businesses, and the overall winner goes down in history as the first-ever winner of the Nativity Cup!  The nursery is available for small children, and study hall or the youth choir is available for 1st to 6th graders.

Other Ideas?