Baptism marks the beginning of a new life in Jesus Christ.

In it, we make promises to follow Jesus as our Savior, turning our trust over to God’s grace and love. In the waters of Baptism, we are adopted as God’s children and made members of the Body of Christ. If you have not already been baptized, baptism is the first step to become a member of any Episcopal Church, including Nativity. A person may be baptized at any age. When infants and small children are baptized, parents and godparents make promises on their behalf.

Baptisms occur on Sunday mornings at either our 8AM or 10:30AM worship service. The reasons for this are many, but most important is that just as you or your child are making promises to give your life to Christ, the church family stands behind you and promises to do all in its power to support you in that life of discipleship.

For more information on baptism, contact Peter at 662-453-7786 or

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Upcoming Baptism Sundays

The Book of Common Prayer suggests four times per year when baptism is especially appropriate. At Nativity, we reserve baptism for these special Sundays when we our readings for the day are already turning our attention to the resurrection, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, or the baptism of Jesus.

  • Easter: April 20, 2019

  • Pentecost: June 9, 2019

  • All Saints’ Sunday: November 3, 2019