"The new Christians committed themselves to the teaching of the apostles, the live together, the common meal, and the prayers." - Acts 2:42

Parish Breakfast

Almost every Sunday morning, you can find church members gathering at 9am for coffee, doughnuts, fruit, and breakfast casserole in the fellowship hall.  During the school year, this gathering is a prelude to Sunday School.  During the summer, it's just a chance to get together!



We may not win every game, but no team in Greenwood has as much fun as we do!  During June and July, dozens of members suit up and compete with other area churches, and plenty more go out to cheer the home team from the bleachers.  Last year we won the league award for Best Fan Support.

Potlucks & Special Events

Fat Tuesday.jpg

Every few months, we gather after 10:30 church to share a meal, sometimes to transact church business, but most of all enjoy one another's company.  Once a year, the men's steak night brings together men from across the community and raises money for the Nativity Day School. 

Throughout the year, children's programming often becomes an excuse for church members of all ages to be together like the fiercely competitive chili cookoff at the Halloween Carnival or the too-good-to-pass-up pancake supper during the Wee-YC Mardi Gras parade. 

Youth Ministries

Sunday Night Youth Group is open to all kids from 6th through 12th grades. Led by the Rev. Phillip Parker, these gatherings typically begin with dinner at 5pm and at 5:30 shifts into programming that ranges from silliness to outreach to Bible study to prayer, and often all four! This gathering of youth helps to put on the annual Nativity pageant, Halloween carnival, Easter egg hunt, and Vacation Bible School. They also spend a week together in mission, having slept and worked in New Orleans and Sunflower County in recent years.

In addition, occasional Wee-YC gatherings are planned to provide fun and fellowship for children ages 1-12 and their parents. These might take the form of an Easter Egg Hunt, a picnic in the park, or a movie night. And in the summer, we also encourage our kids to be part of the summer camping program at Camp Bratton-Green, the Episcopal Church in Mississippi’s camp located just north of Canton.