Guilds, Ministries, & Their Functions

The values of any institution, group, or even family can perhaps best be seen in how that group organizes themselves to get done the work they have to do. In the case of the family that is Episcopal Church of the Nativity, our core values are best expressed by our mission to “Worship, Love, Belong, Grow, and Serve.” All our words, all our actions, and even our organization should reflect those values.

Composed of clergy, staff and parishioners, these organizations are vital to running the church. The various Guilds and Ministries are catalysts in providing the service and compassion that is Episcopal Church of the Nativity.


Anyone who performs ceremonial duties during church services. i.e. lighting candles. Children from early elementary school grades through High School serve each week as acolytes. We have five teams that rotate throughout the year.

Altar Guild

The primary purpose of the Altar Guild in the Episcopal Church is to give assistance to the priest in his or her ministry by preparing God’s Altar, the Sanctuary, and the Chapel for worship in all services. “Altar Guild” includes everyone who prepares the Altar, the linens, and the priest’s vestments for the services.

Flower Guild

Members of the Flower Guild make the beautiful arrangements of flowers and greenery at our altars each week, signifying the joy of our Christian faith.


Person(s) who read aloud certain of the scriptural passages used in the church service.


An officer of the church who introduces guests to the church and directs them to seats. They also help the congregation receive Communion in an orderly fashion, assist with funerals or memorial services, hand out Sunday Order of Service bulletins and other information, and guide the congregation at large services.


One who assists in the ordering of the church service, usually preceding the clergy as they move about the church.

Nativity Chancel Choir

Our choir regularly sings for the Sunday 10:30am worship. The choir is made up of volunteer parishioners. For more information about Nativity Chancel Choir contact David Williamson at