Youth Group Update

The EYC had a great September as we participated in several outreach activities. These included our first trip to Beacon Harbor and the Greenwood Canned Food Drive. When we were not participating in outreach, we were taking time to reflect on “who God has called us to be.”

We are taking time over the next several weeks to ask the question, “who am I?” We have started by looking at our relationships with each other, with our friends, and with our families. We have spent time exploring our “likes” and “dislikes” and our “hopes.” We will continue this exploration of “who am I?” over the next several weeks by exploring our Christian identity.

The EYC will help with the Blessing of the Animals on October 7th. Please bring a pet and enjoy this fun-filled, Spirit-led service. We have heard that we could have pet pigs here to be blessed! After the Pet Blessing, EYC will stay to enjoy a meal and game.

EYC will host a Halloween themed party for Beacon Harbor on October 21. Our September visit meant so much to the residents of Beacon Harbor that we are still hearing from them about it. To say that they are excited about the Halloween Party would be an understatement! The plan is to have cupcakes, candy corn, and punch while we listen and dance Halloween themed music. We will also decorate pumpkins and make paper Halloween masks. This should be a wonderful time as we continue to nurture these relationships.

Instructed Eucharist

Wednesday, September 19 at 5:30pm

Before tonight's Inquirers' class, participants should take a moment to watch this week's video, which is a brief Instructed Eucharist.  Step by step, the video walks you through what happens in Episcopal worship and the meaning behind all the symbols and movements.  After we gather in the parish hall, we'll move to the church together and ask all those questions we have about Sunday morning but have never had a chance to ask.  All are welcome, and childcare is available!

Pastoral Care Committee

Monday, September 24 at 2:00pm

Those who are or wish to participate in this ministry of prayer, visiting, and card-writing are invited to gather in the office conference room next Monday.  We'll pray over the prayer list, write birthday and anniversary cards, and then volunteer to visit homebound and sick church members.  If you'd like to make a visit but can't be at the meeting, call the church office at (662) 453-7786.