EYC (6th-12th grades)

In EYC, we have been exploring the question, “Where is God calling me?”. This may mean, “Where is God calling me to go?” or “What is God calling me to be?” Both are difficult questions for anyone at any stage of life to answer. These are very difficult questions for a teenager who may have limited life experiences to answer. However, these are some of the deep questions we are wrestling with in our youth group.

To help answer these questions, Nativity’s EYC is first working on forming relationships. We are forming relationships with each other and with other people in the church and in the community. We are spending time being together, sharing meals together, playing games together, and listening to each others’ stories. We have spent time listening to the life stories of other people. We are also forming relationships through mission such as during the Maundy Thursday foot washing and a community clean-up day.

This summer, we are planning to expand our relationships by participating in a trip to Florida for a hurricane relief mission trip. What we have learned is that God often calls us through our relationships with other people. That is what EYC is about, relationships.