A Note from Peter (March 2019)

A Note from Peter (March 2019)

The Church has the ability to transform the world. This fact is patently obvious if one looks at the last 2,000 or so years of world history. What may be less obvious is that the Church has been at its most influential when it has been committed to and sustained by regular spiritual practices.

The Early Church: Struggle and Formation

Our democratically chosen adult forum on the first three centuries of the Church's history continues through March with one interruption. On March 4, we'll learn about the worship of the early Church. After Spring Break, we'll regather on March 18 to hear about the Church's relationship to Rome, including its persecution in the centuries before it became legal.

On March 25, we'll hear about some of the controversies the Church faced as it clarified what it meant to call oneself a “Christian.”