Halloween Carnival, Chili Cookoff and Honoring Steve Iwanski

Mark your calendars for October 24 at 5:30 pm, and start testing recipes for this great annual event! It’s been a few years since anyone was able to knock Josh Fair off the winner’s pedestal. Maybe this year it will be you! While the adults taste chili and cast their votes, kids from 5th grade on down are treated to a Halloween carnival put on by our 6th-12th grade youth group.

This year’s event will also be an opportunity for us to honor and give thanks for Steve Iwanski, who has served as Nativity’s youth minister for more than four years now. Steve and Sarah aren’t going anywhere, of course, but this season of ministry for Steve is now coming to a close. 

In recent months, Steve has been helping Phillip Parker make the transition as our clergy associate for youth ministry. Join us not only to enjoy fellowship, to compete, but most especially, to show our appreciation to Steve for all that he has meant to us and to our kids these last four years.