The Choir Corner: Methodism

Most of you know John Wesley as the founder or Methodism, but we Episcopalians still have one of his hymns in our hymnal. His brother Charles was the prolific hymn writer and the person who invited John to the group out of which the Methodist movement was born. Nevertheless, Charles remained staunchly Anglican until the end and was buried in his vestments.

Charles's son Samuel was the most brilliant organist of his day, scandalous, and for a time became Roman Catholic. We still have many of his gorgeous Anglican chants and organ pieces in out hymnal. He's famous for competing with the great Felix Mendelssohn at organ playing. No official result could be rendered because the men that were hand pumping the organs gave out.

Samuel's son, Samuel Sebastian, was the greatest organist and Anglican composer of his time (mid Victorian) and we still sing much of his music. The one likely most familiar to us is "The Church's One Foundation."

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This is the Egmore Wesley Church in Chennai, India. Choristers are from all leading choirs of Chennai.

Melody: Samuel Sebastian Wesley 1874 [AURELIA]

Text: Samuel John Stone 1866 "The Church's One Foundation"