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A Note from Peter (March 2019)

A Note from Peter (March 2019)

The Church has the ability to transform the world. This fact is patently obvious if one looks at the last 2,000 or so years of world history. What may be less obvious is that the Church has been at its most influential when it has been committed to and sustained by regular spiritual practices.

A Note from Peter (May 2018)

In June, Nativity will welcome the Rev. Phillip Parker, freshly-graduated from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, as a part-time Priest Associate and Youth Minister at Nativity.

Annual Council of the Episcopal Church in Mississippi

January 26-28 the legislative meeting of the Diocese of Mississippi will convene in Southaven for two days to elect new Diocesan leadership, approve a budget, and hear reports on the ministries of the Episcopal Church in Mississippi.